21st Century and beyond.

Understand what programming really is.

Your Washing Machine

Look around you, and if you find any machine that works very modestly without so much of the changes, then it’s because of the set of programming instructions encoded in its core software.

Programming is literally everywhere around us. From the take-out we order to the movies we want to stream, Programming instructions enable everyday actions in our lives without any cringe. …

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Netflix seems so simple isn’t it, Press play and magically your favorite show appears well howdy howdy it’s not that easy. When we heard the name of Netflix we probably think of it as an ocean of vast amounts of a media library having endless movies or shows, From opening a new Netflix account to watching an episode of Suits, a lot is going on. But wait before getting to know how Netflix works let’s declutter some facts about Netflix.

Not recently till the previous decade, Netflix actually rent DVDs to the viewers as the generalized concept, and just when…

Rules: Decide on your own


40 minutes on a daily average * 30 days = 1200 minutes in a month.

1200 minutes in a month * 12 months = 14400 minutes in a year.

14400 minutes in a year * 10 years = 144000 minutes in a decade.

On average, if you are using any social platform for around 40 minutes daily for the last ten years or maybe going to spend as in, then you need to spare somewhat around 2400 hours from your life. Well, if asked!!

What can you do in 2400 hours? You could: write a novel, knit a giant blanket…

Who we are?

Understand the timeline of universe

Ever thought about how it all started, I mean how we came into existence? What is our origin? It is perhaps the greatest mystery of all time, and sadly even after so much of the technological advancement and research, we are not even close to making a bend into the line. Humanity’s grandest questions — How did life begin? What is consciousness? What is dark matter, dark energy, gravity? — stem from it. All of them respond to one simple basic question. What is the Beginning?

Ok. Let’s start with the fundamentals.

The broadly accepted theory for the origin and…

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